Will Wood and the Tapeworms "Chemical Overreaction/Compound Fracture"

Will Wood and the TapewormsArtist:
Will Wood/Jesse Lazarus
Add Date:
June 4, 2015


You might want to sit down for this one. Will Wood and The Tapeworms are a group that is very hard to pin down, so it might be best to let them come to you. Led by frontman Will Wood, the band is made up of a revolving cast of musicians and characters. Definitely characters. The new single for “Chemical Overreaction/Compound Fracture” fires off the block like a gypsy punk, middle eastern, even Latin-styled canon of rapid fire vocals and oddball instrumentation that might sound chaotic at first, but a closer listen will reveal just how nuanced and precise their attack really is. This sums up Will Wood and The Tapeworms. A controlled chaos.

It all makes sense, really. Hailing from New Jersey, folks from the great Garden State have a special ability to practice controlled chaos, whether it be rush hour traffic on the NJ Turnpike or handling the ever-entertaining cast of characters that flock to it’s borders. But while some may fear New Jersey, Will Wood proudly embraces his home state and draws on it’s eccentric nature to present a band that is not only sonically invigorating, but also visually mesmerizing. And right on cue is the new video for “Chemical Overreaction/Compound Fracture.”

This surrealistic narrative starts with a bang as we see a pair of feet on a stool as it gets kicked out from underneath. What follows is a whirlwind extravaganza of Will in various states of decay, whether it be at the end of a noose or bleeding out in a bathtub. An endless chain of vices are apparent but probably the biggest mindbender of all is Will and his gang and their onscreen antics. Painted faces, vibrant costumes and a mashup of styles and genres collide in one delightful, psychedelic bout of pandemonium and only add to this incredible journey. Hang on tight, folks, it’s going to be a wild ride!

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