X24 “Hipster Apocalypse”

Daniel Luke Fitch
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November 21, 2014


As no stranger to the grind and someone who has reinvented himself musically numerous times, Christopher Webster’s new moniker of X24 may sound a bit impersonal, but for him it’s a mighty impersonal musical landscape these days.

Who is X24 and why should we care? Santa Fe, New Mexico isn’t immediately thought of as a hotbed of compelling Hip Hop music, but don’t tell that to Webster. As X24, the southwest’s new ambassador to sardonic absurdity, Webster takes everything seriously, except himself. A socially conscious character armed to the teeth with unusually simple and quirky beats, this defiant fighter dares to be comedic in the urban music spectrum, with hilarious and thought provoking results.

All things “Hipster”, or “urban tools” as I like to say, are fodder for his clever rhymes and well crafted, sarcastic barbs. In his fully realized new video “Hipster Apocalypse”, Webster encapsulates his fifteen years of being exposed to the virus of Hipsterness, and though this may be the subversive subculture of his fellow creative kindred spirits, his cynical approach to deconstructing the “cooler than you” social aesthetic he’s witnessed over the years, is brilliant and 100% spot on.

Webster is a dreamer of dreams, and has always approached his musical art from a decidedly odd place. Severely overlooked and criminally under appreciated in his former incarnations, this tenacious impresario is ready to do battle once again, this time with insufferable, narcissistic hipsters squarely in his cross hairs.

X24’s debut song and irreverent video “Hipster Apocalypse” serves as a fervent “call to arms”, a passionate warning that these trust fund scenesters need to be stopped at all costs. How many times can one stand being told that whatever it is that’s catching their attention, whether it be music or fashion or books, is something the self absorbed hipster, sportin’ his “wayfarers and flannel shirt”, was “into a year ago”. And another question; what’s the deal with hipsters and facial hair? X24, fully aware of this ongoing egoistical obsession, personally shares with us all the current trends (Webster needed to shoot the video over many months of “facial hair “transformations for full effect), all seen in their glory throughout “Hipster Apocalypse”.

No one, perhaps not even X24 knows where this musical tsunami will touch down next, but once the buzz and indelible imprint of “Hipster Apocalypse” has been firmly stamped on indie nation, all eyes for sure will be on him to see what shenanigans he brews up next. For more information on X24 please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.X24Music.com/ for more info on X24.

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