Yafania “Front Row”

“Front Row”
Directed by Said Khallaf and Yafania
Add date – 5/31/2024

About Yafania

At 18 years old and with talent that belies her years, Yafania has already discovered how to be her true self and that’s through music. Often described as hardworking and a perfectionist, every ounce of herself that she puts into her music is carefully articulated in a way that lets her savvy and kindness shine. With a spring in her step and unlimited opportunity ahead of her, Yafania has the freedom of being artistic, and most importantly, the freedom to be the best version of herself. She utilizes her well honed, soft pop-rock warmth and provides voice to the voiceless within her lyrical commentary..

With her debut single “Front Row,” Yafania bursts onto the scene with a bold statement of strength and solidarity. More than just a song; it’s a call to action for those ready to stand by the person they love through hardships. Her music offers a blend of catchy pop melodies and deep, meaningful lyrics. With fresh timeless pop hooks, this song would fit perfectly on playlists like Fresh Find Pop, Equal and Mood. Rollout includes Music video, TikTok push, publicity, and full social media rollout.

About “Front Row”

As a debut, “Front Row,” defies the hatred that negative people bring. Yafania becomes a musical storyteller as she reaches for the bright light that leads her to a free spirit despite the challenges. She voices her unwavering loyalty to her listeners, encouraging them to peer into the eyes of their own enemies and, with confidence, walk past them with their heads held high. The truth has a certain ring to it, and Yafania is discerning enough to know that the best thing she can ever be in life is herself.

About the “Front Row” Music Video

There is no better way to tell the story contained within a smart, well crafted pop song than a fully realized music video. Walking through rustic, scenic landscapes near her home in Vancouver, British Columbia, Yafania makes her way to the horse stable just in time to be treated poorly by an unfriendly stableman. Despite the negative interaction, she can stay on her feet and surround herself with champion stallions that make her feel liberated from her current troubles. After having dinner with the other farmers who make her feel worse, it’s clear she must pack her bags and extract herself from a toxic situation. She finds her way back under the sun, accompanied by her horse, where they both are liberated and free to bond with one another.

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We’re honored to be working with Yafania and to have the opportunity to work with her on her new music video “Front Row”! We hope you enjoyed experiencing it as much as we have. Your consideration of this clip in your programming and online presentations is greatly appreciated. For more information, or if you’d like us to send some Yafania merch for on-air contests and giveaways, contact Andy Gesner and the team at HIP Video Promo at 732-613-1779, or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com. For more from Yafania, please visit https://yafania.com/