yell for help “Love Will Keep Us Together”

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yell for help
Noel Maitland
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November 4, 2013


L.A.’s yell for help has a simple bio that speaks volumes about the group. It says “Born on the same day on opposite ends of the country, Mike Pappas and Fann are yell for help, an American alternative/pop duo with industrial and ambient influences. They were introduced by a mutual friend in the summer of 2012 and have hated each other ever since.”

Yell for help mixes alternative, pop, industrial, and ambient vibes with no difficulty whatsoever.

Love Will Keep Us Together is anchored by a Pretty Hate Machine-esque backbeat and breakdown main riff while both Mike and Fann trade vocals duties on top of it, which carries into the scaled back chorus proclaiming that “love will keep us together.” It’s an infectious ride of musical peaks and valleys from front to end, showcasing their individual and collaborative talents.

For the corresponding video they’ve pulled out all of the stops to make something on par with their musical aesthetic. Shot in a traditional 4×3 aspect ratio, the clip focuses heavily on Mike and Fann performing in front of the camera in a variety of settings, sporting an industrial look with a hint of thriller movie scenes. Think the movie Brazil with technology gone awry and the music grabbing and transporting the listener to a state of bliss. Dark rooms and bright lights contribute to the dichotomy of this organic pile of discarded technology that is being used to rope in the listener.

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