Young Holyfield feat. Ishadown “1Concern”

Young Holyfield feat. Ishadon
Directed by Cracked Lenz and Company
Diamond Music,LLC & 2022 Y. Allen
Add date – 3/24/2023

About Young Holyfield

If you do it right, living well is its own art form. Everything in your environment becomes an extension of your aesthetic and proof of your discernment and personal style. Not every artist can do this, of course. But for those who can, the music — and the self-expression — never stops. The beautifully shot video for “1Concern,” the latest single by Young Holyfield, radiates so much elegance and excitement that it becomes a visual metaphor for the Atlanta rapper’s music. Within seconds, it establishes a tone and an attitude: relaxed, confident, seductive, opulent but not ostentatious about it, warm and approachable but undeniably accomplished.

It’s the perfect visual accompaniment to “1Concern,” a song that establishes Young Holyfield as a practitioner of hip-hop at its smoothest. The emcee rides a gorgeous beat decorated with delicate synthesizer, strings, and sighing backing vocals. On closer inspection, there’s nothing soft about it: it’s driven by subtly propulsive drums and a muffled but insistent bass throb. As the music cooks, the rapper gives us his best and most sultry pick-up lines, promising the object of his affection the night of her life. No matter how heated it gets, his flow remains impeccable. Reggae vocalist Ishadon deepens the mood with cool, silky-sung choruses that counter Young Holyfield’s smoldering fire.  

“1Concern” is a striking contrast to “Keep ’em Shaking,” the wild, raucous 2022 club track that paired Young Holyfield with the legendary Kaine Yang of the Ying Yang Twins. That was the artist at his most energetic and lascivious and a pure demonstration of his rapping skill. It also aligned Young Holyfield with the long tradition of Atlanta funk and hip-hop excellence. He’s blessed – and emphatically endorsed – by the masters of the style, including Big Scrappy, Juug Man, and the many other Dirty South emcees with whom he’s collaborated. 

About the video

The sharp-looking apartment in which Cracked Lenz shoots the “1Concern” video could be in Atlanta — or anywhere young people get together to enjoy the finer things. Young Holyfield, Ishadon, and some attractive friends gather in a well-appointed living room to eat, dance, listen to music, and enjoy each others’ company. Every detail of every shot has been thoughtfully selected, including the wire chairs, throw rugs, orchids, track lighting, Tom Ford coffee table book, and stainless steel appliances. A personal chef assembles four plates for the artists and their partners and rests them on a marble-topped kitchen island. It’s a work of art in motion and an expression of life at its most inviting.

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