Zoobelly “Love Drug Bunny”

Marco Aluia
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December 6, 2012


Hello programmers, it’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew, excited to present you Detroit’s own Zoobelly—an astonishing new indie band that fuses guitar rock with a healthy dose of electronic elements, along with quirky undertones that promises complete entertainment and downright positive energy. With a rare comparison to one of the most eclectic indie outfits, of Montreal, for their attention to detail in creating an equally unique visual to compliment their music, Zoobelly’s music creates a full palette of sensory stimulation. With their newest video for “Love Drug Bunny,” they bring all of this together to create a truly over-the-top music video experience!

Zoobelly was created in 2007 by Emy & Jovey who had met in Art school in Detroit, and is self-classified as a music and art project. Prior to living in Detroit, Emy was born and raised in the Transylvania region of Romania. After escaping the clutches of communism his family emigrated to Cleveland when Emy was 6 years old. Perhaps it was this diverse upbringing that inspired Emy’s unique approach to writing songs for Zoobelly, but whatever it was, his collaboration with Jovey soon caught the attention of some of the world’s most amazing artists, who all leant their talents to the creation of the Zoobelly sound. Musicians such as Josh Freese of Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle can be heard thrashing around on the drums. Tony Green, who has worked with Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, as well as one of the world’s most famous funk gods, George Clinton, holds down the bass with unmatched authority. Jonathan Visger of Absofacto and Mason Proper has contributed to programming and production aspect of the band, making the music of Zoobelly stand out from the rest of the unique and abstract indie artists of today.

The debut EP, Vertical Sex, is set for a highly anticipated upcoming release in the near future, and contains high-energy songs chock full of playful agendas. Songs such as “Turn Me On,” “Your Picture,” and the stand-out track “Betty” adhere to the all encompassing and most loved indie-rock elements that make Zoobelly who they are. This unique compilation of musicians has created a blend of powerful music that can be enjoyed by any music fan, and just wait until you see their live show, which promises to be a true interactive hootenanny setting between artist and audience. In their latest video “Love Drug Bunny,” we encounter the quirkiness and audience participation that is so involved within this fluid creation of music.

The clip contains comical relief, yet satirical notions. Set during Detroit’s “The New Dance Show” hosted by R.J. Watkins, scenes of highly enthusiastic music fans dance to “Love Drug Bunny” as Zoobelly performs on stage. Complete with the unforgettable outfits of the 1980s, we watch as the audience gets their feet and hips moving, and some epic dance moves of the era are revisited with some predictably schadenfreude-esque and absurd results. But it’s all about the “can’t stop, won’t stop” for this audience and they can only hope to match the energy of the live performance from the stage. The distinct fluidity and powerful cadence of “Love Drug Bunny” propels this clip into a sweaty fervor that will have viewers feeling the heat on the other side of their screens.

Zoobelly’s nature is a unique one, offering music listeners an opportunity to engage in a highly collaborative work of music and art. In order to maximize programming opportunities and your own enjoyment, Zoobelly has art prints, mp3’s, stickers, poster and other curiosities available for you and your viewers, so please don’t be shy with your requests! For more information on this exciting new creation of music, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.Zoobelly.com for more info on Zoobelly.

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