Colin Schiller has “One Jenny” too many, and gets on MTVu!

Colin Schiller and The Reactions don’t shy away from the fact that they come from the center of the indie rock universe, Brooklyn, NY. However, they also don’t deny their heresy towards all that is “hip” and trending to embrace the pagan gods of rock and roll’s past and to have a lot of fun doing it. In a life that is all too serious, Colin Schiller and his gang of ax wielding ghouls agree that rock and roll should be an amusing escape. Colin’s feel-good formula is working, as his last clip for “Dizzy” just got added to regular rotation on MTVu!

The concept behind “One Jenny” will have you smirking for hours on end, as Colin laments one of his friends by writing a Springsteen “Glory Days” style tribute for him. The problem at hand is that this unnamed friend seems to get a new girl to share his sinful bed with him every single night. Most of the time this guy doesn’t even know the name of the girl, nor really care for her body type or interests. That’s where Colin chimes in with the hilarious proposition to pass on some of the conquests his way!

Check it out: