Combichrist will hurt you

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October 24, 2008
HIP Clip premiere: Juno Reactor
October 26, 2008


Combichrist is powerful, twisted stuff.
Not for the faint of heart.
They specialize in ebm music, a genre that mashes together electronic punk and industrial music. They’re fans of blood, chains and big mohawks. Their music makes you think of dark places in the human psyche. And the beats they create, which can often sound like metal scratching-on metal,are engaging.

Combichrist’s videos open a portal to another world entirely, a futuristic world where everything is metallic and nihilistic and bleak. If you like Nine Inch Nails, or industrial powerhouses like Rammstein, you’ll like this.

We’re going to be promoting a video for them soon. In the meantime, check out the video for “Get Your Body Beat” below: