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September 16, 2011
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September 20, 2011

By now it was understood that Larissa would pursue music as a career. In an early interview, Larissa said, “Pursuing music as a career has always been about doing what I love, what I know, and what I feel.” “More so, it is a way to reach people, to make a difference in the world, and challenge the limits of those goals.” That being said, it was only natural that Larissa would begin to record in the studio. Larissa made her debut as a recording artist with “Texture Vision”. “Je T’aime”, The first single from “Texture Vision” aired on commercials for B & H Music Stores. These commercials also appeared on MTV,VH-1,SPK,NICK,FXNC,SciFi, and ENT in the Houston, Texas area. In addition to this exposure through television,“Je T’aime” had been featured in the New York independent film “Dykeotomies”. This lead to the opportunity to be commissioned by 40/20 Productions to co-write the theme song for the upcoming Austin independent film, “Lost in Sunshine.” As for commercial radio, Austin’s biggest rock station, 101-X, also added tracks from “Texture Vision” to their Sunday morning “Chillville” segments. “Texture Vision” was followed by a self titled EP and a LIVE recording at The Bugle Boy, in La Grange, Texas. Then in December 2008, Larissa released, “I’ve Found You”, a side project E.P. that consisted of both, jazzy and “Latin flavored” music, incorporating Flamenco, Salsa, Bossa Nova , and Samba beats that created an exciting “Norah Jones goes Latin” sound. Larissa also wrote French lyrics and featured players from the world renown Latin groups, Cienfuegos and the Grammy-nominated band, Grupo Fantasma. Clearly, Larissa’s classical training and influences seem to meet her creative desire to fuse, blend, and experiment. This has been the basis of her evolution as an artist, and after, “I’ve Found You”, Larissa seemed to have found her new outlet. She then bid farewell to her past inspirations and Hello, to Pop.

*Video for “Let It Go” coming soon!*