Crash Course To Stardom With Bascom Hill

Crash Course
Bascom Hill was given the chance of a lifetime recently when they were asked to take part in the pilot episode of “Crash Course to Stardom.” The TV show (CCTS) is the brainchild of executive producers Jonnie Forster (Talent Manager, Label Exec) and Jon McHugh (Record Exec, Film/TV Producer). The show is one-week “boot camp” designed to prepare today’s unknown band for becoming tomorrow’s next big “star.” The veteran producers showed Bascom Hill how much hard work it really takes to become a superstar rock band. “The Band had seven days to work with some real experts in the biz,” said Forster. “The idea was to give them one shot at their dream and access to the best coaching Hollywood has to offer.”

Bascom Hill was selected to take part in the pilot based on their well written songs and amazing story. “We chose them because they have such great potential and well constructed songs,” Forster recalled. “We love Charlie’s voice…the Band has such a good story and background, which really gave them depth over other bands being considered for this project.” McHugh and Forster also brought in some of Hollywood’s elite music professionals to show the boys of Bascom Hill exactly what it takes to become the next Billboard charting rock band. Over the seven day period, Bascom Hill worked diligently with vocal coach Doc Holliday (Britney Spears, Earth Wind & Fire, Justin Timberlake), record producer Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Sheryl Crow, REM), mixer/engineer Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Chris Isaak), songwriter Mitch Allan (Daughtry, Faith Hill, SR-71), songwriter/producer Aaron Kamin (The Calling) and choreographer Kamilah Barrett (Prince, American Idol). “The Band really grew as songwriters and as a whole in the week they where here. They all realized their weaknesses and stepped up their game,” Forster noted.

After six long days of songwriting, recording, rehearsing, rigorous physical workouts and vocal lessons, Bascom Hill was given the opportunity to play a live showcase for major label and industry executives at the famed “Mint” club in Los Angeles.