Cursive is heading off to Letterman, SXSW


Look out for Cursive on Letterman this Friday! They’ll be revving it up alongside one of the most familiar faces on television. And hopefully, one day, Cursive will be a very familiar face to people as well. Cursive deserves to make it big. The music they make, described as post-punk by some, is seamless–The Ugly Organ tracks flowed into each other like water, although the tracks themselves were never in the same style–or sometimes tempo– twice. Cursive is highly inventive, yet manages to keep their experiments under control. The mark of a great band in my book.

Another thing: Go to Cursive’s Web site and download “From The Hips” for free! It’s a gift. A sign of affection. They love you.

And, if you’re going to SXSW, don’t forget to go to Cursive’s performance!