Dessa of Doomtree teams up with The Elixery for a very worthy cause!

Hip-hop star Dessa of the Doomtree collective has collaborated with The Elixery to develop a lipstick for release in September 2012. The limited-edition lip color, expertly colored by master makeup artist Crist Ballas, was selected by the star as her ideal shade. Dessa will be donating her proceeds from the sale of the lipstick to educate and empower women in developing countries.
Dessa couldn’t be more pleased with the color itself, but the philosopher also keeps in mind her strong commitment to ethics and social justice.

“In college, I wrote my final thesis on the philosophy of Martha Nussbaum,” said Dessa. “Studying her theories I learned about the surprising consequences of educating girls, consequences which compound and refract through entire societies. Educating women often changes marital age and birthrates, and employed women demonstrate different spending patterns than employed men. Ten years after having studied the philosophy of this stuff, I couldn’t be more excited to actually make a real-world contribution. I’m extraordinarily proud to be supporting CARE’s programs to educate girls around the world.”

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