Dose: HIP shines on the spotlight

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June 19, 2009
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June 23, 2009


Dose shared with us some of the motivations behind their Latino hip-hop project in this HIP Spotlight interview.

Featuring clips from their music video–as well as thought-provoking questions–the HIP Spotlight managed to get to the heart of the duo.
We found out, for instance, why they continue to do what they do in the way they do it. Why they aim to create textured , interesting music that speaks of city centers.

Dose is not out to make music that follows trends–they rather, aim to make them.
“We are trendsetters,” they say. “To stand out…you gotta be edgy…it’s gotta be different.”
They say they aim to make fun music that appeals to a wide variety of people–from men to women.
But at the same time, they admit they are from Harlem–which makes their music take on the shape of urban, gritty, yet fun hip-hop.

where we from? We’re from Harlem