Download: Chach “Outta Here” for FREE!

The Skies Revolt hit the road, HARD! (includes dates @ SXSW!)
March 15, 2012
Road warriors, Red Wanting Blue continue to dominate the open road!
March 15, 2012

As music fans, we tend to search for sounds and rhythms that take us away from the boredoms of our every day routine lives. Chach not only gives us a freedom to wander the whereabouts of music, but also sets forth a feeling of refreshing contemplation. Her ability to define her personality in charismatic ways makes it hard to pinpoint her identity, but it is clear that her style is eclectic and she owns it entirely through her music.

Chach is giving away her incredibly catchy single for “Outta Here” on her website. Spice up your life and grab it before it’s no longer free (in which case you should buy it, because it’s TOTALLY worth it!

Thanks Chach! HIP Video LOVES you.

Download it here.