Esser: Quirky electropop

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April 20, 2009
Red Fang: Rough-hewn metal
April 22, 2009

Listening to Esser is like swimming in a sea of electronic experimentalism. You’re assaulted on all sides by unique noises and quirky beats. Above it all, though, Esser’s soaring vocals pull it all together, melding it into seamless, yet odd, pop tracks.

NME has a great descriptor for it: “This sounds like Gorillaz playing Xbox and crying.” You’ll get the metaphor once you listen to it.

Below, behold the video for Esser’s “I Love You.” If you don’t seeing people vomit, you might want to abstain. But I personally think that the bacon-throwing scene is good enough that you should watch it anyway, despite your feelings on puke.