Five Finger Death Punch should unleash some TKOs

The Honorary Title premieres at MTVu
October 13, 2008
Cruiserweight steps into ring
October 16, 2008

When street fighter Kimbo Slice lost to a guy with pink hair in Elite XC, my thought was, man, we’re kind of in need of some real tough guys.

I mean, Kimbo Slice pumped out his testosterone all over the place, beating up people and posting his fights on You Tube and stuff. Yet his prime time TV fight proves it’s mostly show.

But although Five Finger Death Punch does concerts rather than champion belts, I wonder how they would do in a fight.
These guys look pretty tough. I wouldn’t take them on in the octagon, or in a ring, or on the street, or anywhere. Would you? Look at them.

At any rate, we can’t get them in a fight anytime soon, unfortunately, because Five Finger Death Punch is going on-tour again. If you want to be part of the debauchery and mayhem of their concerts–which, judging from the way they handle their guitars, is a little like watching them in the octagon or the ring–look through the tour dates and locations here.

In the meantime, here’s some videos we’ve promoted for them in the past–the first one is “The Bleeding” and the second one is “Never Enough.”