Glowing review of Rebecca Rudolf ‘s “Unconditional Love” video from Columbia music website,

from Desorden:

Rebecca Rudolf (ft Dre Vice) – Unconditional Love

Pop artist Rebecca Rudolf releases her first official single and music

video with an incredibly commercial-sounding collaboration with urban

rapper Dre Vice. With a strong electro pop melody and crisp punchy beat,

this is an extremely confident debut that Queen Of Pop Britney Spears

would be pleased to have released, and certainly Rudolf demonstrates that

she is capable of delivering a vocal performance that matches the star’s

usual standards. Dre Vice’s rap interlude and the urban flavour to the

beat gives the track a well-rounded style and attitude that lifts the song

into the cooler edge of the pop spectrum. With a slick music video to

support the single’s release, this is a radio-friendly hit song in the

making that deserves to launch this talented new artist to a high-ranking

chart position and secure her a broad fanbase who will be hoping this can

be followed up with more of the same.

**Check out their website here! (it’ll help if you can speak Spanish)