Good Old War reels in MTVu viewers

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September 28, 2008
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September 30, 2008

Good Old War was the MTVu Freshmen Five video pick this week! We want to extend to them our congratulations! MTVu is a 24/7 college network that plays music videos of artists that are off the beaten path, giving college students a chance to check out the indie world via their television.

Good Old War plays a thick country-and-blues stew, with sunny melodies and rootsy riffs.

Good Old War’s winning video was for the tune “Coney Island” and features all three guys playing their respective instruments on three different TVs set on top of a car that is zooming through the city at breakneck speed. How the TVs don’t fall off the car’s roof is a mystery. It’s an innovative approach–the band members themselves stay in one place while the scenery in the background is constantly changing. It makes for an interesting twist on our usual sense of how things should be–generally speaking, in music videos it’s the people that are the ones moving, not the backdrop.