Have you been introduced to new Polyvinyl band, Vivian Girls?

Polyvinyl band
In their brand new song, “I Heard You Say,” this indie rock power trio, Vivian Girls inject us with a pleasant dosage of tingling soft twang and sprinkles us with sweet vocal harmonies, all while hiding the dark teen-angst center of the tune. The song is as enigmatic as it is accessible, blending the vocally driven and reverberating sound of The Shangri-Las with the dark and brooding uncertainty of Nirvana. This unique formula results in a sound that belongs in Seattle as much as it does in its Brooklyn home.

The music video features the adorable Vivian Girls traversing the hollow spaces of wintery fields and inhabiting campy hotel rooms that could easily come from the set of Twin Peaks. The climax of the video comes when the band set the room on fire and intentionally outdated special effects cover the screen. “I Heard You Say” is one of those rare chameleons of the music world that blends pure ecstasy and utter darkness within its 3 minute core. With such fearless ambition, Vivian Girls are more than set to break hearts nationwide. full bio HERE.