HIP Picks: New Videos from DMF Musa and Sonarpilot | 12/9/2022

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New This Week: “I Feel” music video from DMF Musa and “Citadel” music video from Sonarpilot

This week, we’re sharing two exciting new music videos from our cherished clients! The latest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here; take a look at the videos, and learn more about the clips by reading below.

“I Feel” Music Video: DMF Musa (rap)

St. Louis rapper DMF Musa has swagger, skill, and a way with words, on his new track “I Feel.” He’s matched his storytelling to a sultry, synthesizer-spiked beat and added just enough processing and coloring to his voice to amplify his emotion and drive his points home emphatically. In Real Woosie’s video for “I Feel”, he’s a magnetic screen presence, conveying all the moods and feelings in the song’s lyrics.

“Citadel” Music Video: Sonarpilot (ambient/EDM)

Ambient/electronic musician Sonarpilot (Michael Moppert) has released the video for “Citadel”, the second release from The Mirage Project: Season 2. “Citadel” pulls from 12th-century monastic choirs, left-field modern electronica, 1950s jazz, classic rock, and more. The fractal-filled video is another collaboration with visual artist Roger Mader and London-based DJ and producer Jonny Miller.