HIP Picks: New Videos from Tom Keifer #keiferband, Mateo Briscoe, and more | 2/3/2023

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New This Week: “A Different Light” music video from Tom Keifer #keiferband, plus new music videos from Mateo Briscoe, CEO Fully Loaded feat. Fatt Macc, and Will Wheaton

Past, present, or future – no matter the time, great music will connect those of all ages and all backgrounds! The latest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here; take a look at the videos, and learn more about the clips by reading below.

“A Different Light” Music Video: Tom Keifer #keiferband (rock)

Ten years ago, Tom Keifer (former Cinderella frontman) released his debut solo album The Way Life Goes. He and his band #keiferband are celebrating a decade of the release with a brand new video for “A Different Light”, which features fan-shot live footage of Tom Keifer #keiferband from 2013 to their most recent tour in 2022.

“Insane” Music Video: Mateo Briscoe (singer-songwriter)

Like his role model and spirit guide Amy Winehouse, Mateo Briscoe struggles – and his music just plain rocks. On his rollicking, heartfelt single “Insane”, he strips mental health issues bare and dissects them. The video (directed by Chris Brice and Ronald Spatafore) shows Briscoe and his band in a spooky setting: the haunted Georgetown Hotel Saloon.

“Round The Corner” Music Video: CEO Fully Loaded feat. Fatt Macc (rap)

As long as CEO Fully Loaded and Fatt Macc are around, there will always be an incendiary hip-hop scene in Montgomery, Alabama. Together, they’ve released “Round The Corner”, a track that epitomizes the Southern trap sound and aesthetic. The “Round The Corner” video (directed by CEO Fully Loaded and Fatt Macc) take us to a boarded-up cabin in the woods, that happens to be home to big business.

“Lady In My Life” Music Video: Will Wheaton (soul/R&B)

30 years ago, butter-smooth baritone Will Wheaton won an MCA record deal by competing in Dick Clark’s USA Music Challenge – only that deal didn’t go through. In the years since, he’s released two R&B albums, and… built a real estate empire.  His new release and video “Lady In My Life” (directed by Will Wheaton) is a cover of Michael Jackson’s classic – and a reprise of the song that won him that same Challenge.