HIP Picks – The Weekly Client Roundup – Wednesday 6/7

Can you believe we’re already a week in to June? Yesterday it was freezing cold and raining here at HIP HQ in New Jersey, but today it’s warm and sunny- and we’re hoping this weather continues!

But no matter the weather, we’re always busy working hard to promote some truly exciting new music videos. Some artists we work with are brand new, releasing their first visual to the world; others are established artists that have long been known for their quality videos. Lately, we’ve had quite a slew of international artists, and it’s so exciting to partner with musicians and creators from all corners of the globe, whether their music is indie rock, hip-hop, EDM, or anything in between.

To keep you in the loop, here’s a round-up of what we’ve been working on over the past week…

Music has a way of connecting people from all corners of the globe. Elia Pazzini- known to most as Elia– comes from Italy, and took solace in music while going through a painful relationship and unfulfilling academic path. “Time to Rise” comes as the first video from his upcoming debut album White Owl, and it tells the story of a girl- the “White Owl”- who is unattainable; who, ultimately, belongs to herself.

From Bogota, Colombia to Miami, Daniel Zapata aims to write songs that are uplifting and spread love. He originally wrote “In My Dreams” in Spanish (“En Mis Sueños”) but created the English version in hopes of spreading his music to even more listeners. The “In My Dreams” video shows Zapata performing and dreaming of that person he loves, wishing they could “make this moment last forever.”

We’ve worked with AV Super Sunshine on over a dozen music videos, and this Wisconsin native never fails to entertain us. The “Baby Goodbye 2017 Dance” video shows AV in outer space, rocking out on the guitar as galaxies spin behind him and everyone- even a herd of cows- grooves to the music.

Ashley Lanzoni is only 12 years old, but this spunky, passionate teen is already working hard to pursue her dreams of being a star. She and her family moved from Boston to New York City, where her first music video- a cover of Meghan Trainor’s smash hit “Lips Are Movin” was filmed. It’s full of retro outfits as well as ultra-modern references for the social media, selfie, and emoji-obsessed teens and tweens of today.

Jane N’ The Jungle released their debut EP back in October 2016, and this Phoenix-based alternative rock group are ready to take the U.S.- and the world- by storm. The video for “Faded Stars” is truly stellar; it shows Jordan dressed in pure white as she pours various colors of paint all over herself.

If you’re looking for high-octane, non-stop energy rock and roll in the veins of AC/DC or Lynyrd Skynrd, look no further than Triple Goddess. The music video for “Born To Raise Hell” centers around a woman that’s “born to raise hell”, and sparks quite literally fly.

El Paso natives Hot Shot Kixxx take influence from everything from metal to progressive rock, but their style is hard to pin down. One things for sure, though: they’re worth watching and listening to. “The Devil Inside” is the opening track to their 2016 debut EP Black Gold, and shows the members of the band becoming victims to a villainous little girl.


With a rock-meets-country-meets-blues vibe, Cold Roses are another group that prove that rock and roll is alive and well. “Staying Alive Ain’t Easy” comes as the first single from their upcoming sophomore album Escape to Anywhere; the music video switches between clips of the band rehearsing and performing live, as well as bits and pieces of daily life around Philadelphia. “Staying Alive Ain’t Easy” will premiere soon.

From New Delhi, India, Pragnya Wakhlu aims to use music to promote positive change. The “Burning Fire” brings awareness to self-immolations in the Tibetan community, and shows the Tibetan people’s emotional experiences and unity as they struggle to preserve their identity. “Burning Fire” is ultimately a story of hope, as it shows the resilience of children, religious figures, and everyday heroes in the community.

Earlier this year, we hosted a contest through ReverbNation to find the BEST music video by an up-and-coming artist, and after sorting through thousands of submissions, there was no question that Jase Harley’s video for “Between the Lines” would be our winner. This clip tells the story of two young urban creatives- Jase and his costar Olivia L. Burgess, a dancer- as they fight to make a relationship work. It’s an incredibly well-done, cinematic clip, and we’re ecstatic that we get to be on his promotional team.

South Florida is home to many great rappers, and we’re loving working with P. Chace. This songwriter, artist, and producer is a ladies’ man and all-around hustler. His latest track, “NBA (Nothing But A$$)”, features Trina; in the video, she raps about her own assets as P. Chace flaunts wads of cash in a strip club and we get rearview shots of a bodacious woman going about her day.

From belting out Disney songs on her parents’ coffee table to middle school choir to roles on TV shows like ABC’s Speechless, NBC’s The Good Place, and Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans, Kaleigh lives, breathes, and sleeps music, acting, and performing. Her musical taste is hard to pin down, but this diverse background has given her a unique perspective, evidenced on her new single “Fading”. This alt-pop track is a reminder to stop and cherish the ones you love; the music video for “Fading” shows Kaleigh looking wistfully out the window as she recalls innocent memories from younger years with her beau.

Another artist with a varied background is the one and only Kolade Olamide Ayodeji, who comes to us all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kolade has written songs that can be classified as everything from pop to hip-hop to country to dance to gospel; his latest, “Trap in the Night”, is a revamped version of “Trapped in the Dark.” The “Trap in the Night” video shows a woman dressed as an angel, who runs away from her suitor. Will they ever be reunited?

While many artists call themselves a “jack of all trades”, Inma Mira truly is. She comes to us all the way from Spain, and her music video for “Indecisión” shows her at various times playing the glockenspiel, dancing, and singing. It’s a single-shot clip- that’s somehow got a handful of wardrobe changes- that beautifully shows the true depths of her talents, and will keep viewers engaged.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Irish singer-songwriter Colette Kavanagh, and her latest video for “Once In A Lifetime” is no exception. It’s a narrative tale of two lovers who share a love that’s so special, it happens only once in a lifetime. Colette’s tender, smooth voice and moving delivery show real emotion, as moments both good and bad unfold in front of us. This touching clip will premiere on June 13.

Written by Molly Hudelson. Molly is a music blogger, photographer, and Founder / Editor-in-Chief of Circles & Soundwaves. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.