INTRODUCING… Agnes Obel (PIAS Recordings)

Upon first listen it is clear that Agnes Obel’s vocals are at the heart of everything she does. With a capability to stick with us long after the melody has ended, this artist has become a quiet marvel amongst contemporary indie musicians, selling almost a half million copies to date of her first record Philharmonics. HIP Video Promo is delighted to introduce her intricately woven and inspiring music video clip for the single, “Dorian.”

How does one follow up a debut album that received a gold award in Holland, platinum awards in Belgium and France, and went quintuple platinum in Denmark? The sophomore album Aventine is Agnes Obel’s way of putting things into perspective. Adding depth to the picture, her second LP marked this Denmark native a snapshot of brilliance for music lovers. Described as being microcosmic and universal, Agnes creates her own world of music, or as she calls it, a bubble, or a bell jar to make her music in.

Magical and monumental, her music consists of many intricate piano melodies, captivating vocals, and a balance of string instruments, such as the cello. Obel’s songs dig deep at the darker parts of the soul, giving life to the mysteries that emerge. Agnes’ music would be at home in any era. Often times her music tells histories of the past; all of the while her words and expressive nature seek answers to an unknown future. Click here for the full bio.