Introducing an artist who naturally delivers music with endless soul and substance, Flo


Flo is an artist who delivers music naturally with soul and true substance. With comparisons to the likes of contemporary artists such as Alicia Keys, Faith Evans, and Mary J. Blige, Flo has used her unique blend of inspiration and enlightenment to create music that is stylistically her own. HIP Video Promo presents two motivating video clips, “Hateless” and “Gone,” that encompass this natural born soulful singer on the rise.

Born to Nigerian parents and raised throughout a multi-cultural neighborhood in Winnipeg, Canada, Flo knew that she wanted to make a living doing something she loved at an early age. Knowing that her music was her future, Flo became inspired by the creation of motivationally driven music. Her journey as a solo artist first began with the introduction of her debut album entitled Flo. The Winnipeg Free Press states, “She’s definitely an urban soul artist to watch,” giving the album four out of five stars. The Winnipeg Sun wrote, “The record is dripping with confidence,” and in early 2011 Flo was the subject of an in-depth musician profile featured in Sandbox magazine. The album surely marked a confident beginning for this female artist on the rise, and has made her the most gifted artist within the R&B and pop genres known to date.

Flo’s second album Pieces of Me received positive critical acclaim after its spring release in 2012. During the recording process, her producer Arun Chaturvedi was crowned “Producer of the Year” at the Western Canadian Music Awards; the result of the collaboration was deemed a collection of pop/soul infused tracks with hints of R&B, dance, and hip-hop flavors. The material of this fresh album reflects her evolution as an inspiring woman and motivational artist. From the highly proclaimed album Pieces of Me, HIP Video Promo presents two tracks that describe Flo as a wild passion in living form. Click here for the full bio!

Music video for “Gone” coming soon!