Introducing Beautiful Beasts

Beautiful Beasts describe themselves as stuck in a puddle of influences somewhere between Fleetwood Mac and Faith No More. Their goal is and has been to create and capture feelings in song that are appropriate to the emotional message of the moment. Sharing with you their feelings of kindness and love alongside the deepest darkest reflections of self. Pop music is how they do it best, they use it to serve the moments cause without apology in a true reflection of who and what they are.

It’s this kind of attitude and transparency that has allowed Beautiful Beasts to expand beyond their roots in Melbourne and Victoria, Australia, and leap into the global fray of talent. But for all the acknowledgements of their diverse influences and approaches, Beautiful Beasts really delivers a remarkably cohesive sound. Frontman Andrew Pope pulls no punches in his passionate delivery, and the band behind him consisting of bassist Matisse Burton, drummer Tyler Campbell, keyboardist Jordan David, and guitarist Andrew Dobrowokski, are never short on ideas on how to take every song and create an infectious and accessible song that hits all the right notes.

The video for “Right” captures the beautiful side of these beasts. A melancholic mix of acoustic guitar, pianos, upright bass, shimmering electric and the unmistakable combination of male and female vocals provides the soundtrack.

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