Introducing: City Rain

City Rain
Philadelphia’s electro-pop duo City Rain consists of Ben Runyan and Scott Cumpstone. These city natives offer intense realism and modern thought with strong vocals and captivating melodies. HIP Video Promo is excited to present their newest video clip “The Optimist.”
“The Optimist” is the human condition as told though the eyes of the young men of City Rain. While every person has the capability to create his or her own personal hell, there is inversely their capability to manifest redemption. ‘The Optimist’ is the story of the way back. Director Simon Rogers teamed up the band to create a music video that is both captivating and original. Featuring actress Alicia Crosby, “The Optimist” travels through fleeting moments and brings us to the last few minutes of our main character’s search. Searching and waiting seem to be the main motifs of this timeless and classic music video, and in it, we get to be told the story of lost love and how breathing through optimism can help you find what you have been searching for.