Introducing: GIMM+ICKY


Gimm+Icky’s Tripp Weir and Jeff Garrison claim they met on a Monday with a mutual idea that would transform contemporary pop music. These Nashville, TN natives nailed down the direction of their sound, wrote several choruses, and a day later they were asked to sit in a writer’s night. Of course Gimm+Icky received positive, immediate responses, and in no time, the band became a hit. Only a few months passed since their formation when Gimm+Icky started to sell out local clubs in Nashville. In just one year, the band has scored over half a dozen television placements on networks such as ABC, E!, Nickelodeon, and the NFL Network. Earlier this year, Gimm+Icky entered a deal with HitShop Records/Warner Music Nashville and is becoming this year’s hottest new music craze.

Both Weir and Garrison were past solo artists, but together things just click. Weir, who raps and sings on stage, is refreshed by the creative partnership and states, “To finally feel like I’m being myself with my music is a very liberating experience.” Their debut single “Shake That” is making noise as a top 10 smash on the Billboard Dance Club chart and carries an impressive remix package from prominent DJS including Jump, Smokers, and Papercha$er among a few names. The video clip for the single is highly energetic and presents viewers with the phenomenon of this contemporary pop duo, Gimm+Icky. Full bio HERE.