Introducing Griff The Great!

Griff The Great

Griff the Great, also known as DCG, creates a certain style of music that combines Techno, Funk, and Pop elements to ignite a more playful and amiable approach to music. Among thousands of Hip Hop artists and producers, it is hard to stand out. But beneath the dust and rubble, Griff The Great shines with his individualistic character and intelligent presence.

In his new video, “Start To End,” we see a side of Griff The Great’s personality that presents us viewers with an immense amount of appreciation for his music. The video begins with somewhat of a Fight Club story line, where the main character confronts his alter ego. It shows a different side of Griff The Great, where he’s spending time within a large expensive house. Fancy cars and good-looking women surround him as he sings, all the while explaining that he is self aware without any hint of self-indulgence. At the end of the video, you will find yourself smirking at the cleverness of this daydreamer’s creation.