Introducing… Jar-e!

Jar-e’s diverse brand of soul infused, rock spirited, and piano delivered and absolutely infectious organic indie pop sound has accomplished exactly this. With his past three full length releases, Jar-e has traveled the globe, attaining recognition in Mexico, Greece, Cuba and Britain. His latest release and leading single “So Inclined” is a culmination of his craft infused with his worldly travels. “I absorb the sounds of my environment into the music,” unabashedly claims the skilled singer-songwriter.

This statement is, of course, modest when it is compared with his latest work, which employs quite unusual vocal melody into an ear friendly mold. Jar-e has one of those golden voices that effortlessly reaches any note he goes for. In a world of over-produced and utterly revolting ballads, this chipper and upbeat alternative is the remedy everyone has been secretly hoping to hear around the corner, and we are extremely proud to have chosen Jar-e as our 1000th video campaign! We pride ourselves in selecting and delivering the most exciting and unique content in the industry, regardless whether it comes from a big major or a tiny indie operation, which is why, after much deliberation, we have decided this clip is the perfect fit.
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Check out his video for “So Inclined”