Introducing Joe Speed Band of GI Jams

Joe Speed Band of GI Jams

Two Laramie, Wyoming National Guardsmen – Spc. Jeremiah Eaton and Sgt. Nathan Harvey make up the Joe Speed Band. It was a boiling Christmas Eve in Iraq when these soldiers in the 133rd Engineer Company with the Wyoming National Guard decided to beat their blues by making some music. They were lonesome for home and starving for creativity, so they took a laptop, found a quiet corner in their tent and put together this vital signal into the internet space. “Cowboy Soliders (Please Send Me A Beer)” is a twangy country party song about needing a beer on a hot day. However, on a closer listen, the song reveals the lyrics about living in a war zone and missing the good comforts of home sweet home. This is no ordinary country ditty, and these guys aren’t your average songwriters. This video features our heroic duo camped out in a military camp tent and in the middle of the Iraqi desert to perform the track with tons of self filmed Army footage, including shots of camels and military vehicles. The boys also acted out some humorous shots of empty beer cans filled with sand, to make for good television! The track has already resonated with support across the net, with features in Northern Broadcasting System, Billings Gazette, and on KTVQ TV and the Military Times.