Introducing … MC FILTHY RICH

MC FILTHY RICHHello fellow music video lovers, it’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff, eager to present a young, bold face on the music scene, Mc Filthy Rich. This New Jersey based star represents the true artistry behind the power of eclectic beats and rhythms. With a style of his own, Mc Filthy Rich excites you and most importantly, he delivers a recognizable amount of anticipation with his new video for “Get Em on the Dance Floor.

In the music industry, artists strive on the production of songs and beats. Here, we have an artist that does such, but his talent is an interesting translation of Hip Hop music and techno beats with a stylistic twist on pop music. Mc Filthy Rich creates a certain style of music that combines these elements of music to ignite a more playful approach. It is easy to see that this artist will have you begging for more. With his sexy style and intriguing lyrics, you will find yourself completely engaged in his idea of a never-ending party.

In his new video, “Get Em on the Dance Floor,” we see a side of Mc Filthy Rich’s personality that appeals to every party starter. From the very beginning, the video highlights an evening at the club, where the entire student “body” is engaged in dancing. The video suggests a strong sexual language that positively ignites dance moves you never even knew you had. Throughout the video, you are introduced to enticing views of dancers and partiers, and it without a doubt will get your head bouncing to every beat.