Introducing pop rock architect Nate Currin!

From the first time Nate touched a piano at the young age of 8, it was evident that his love and passion for music would only grow tenfold. Now with 6 years of performing and touring under his belt, Nate has hit the music world with his debut full-length, Goodnight California. With song influences that range from British New Wave, to Seventies Folk, from electronic ambiance to acoustic rock, Nate brings together the best elements of each genre into one solid package. “Goodnight California” is a warm and fuzzy pop rock ballad that bleeds tears of heartbreak without ever abandoning optimism. “Goodnight California” tells a tale of a guy who visits the Golden State, breathes it in, falls in love with one of the irresistible California girls, and then questions whether it’s all real or just a beautiful lie. Taking cues from the radio friendly Katy Perry and the classic timelessness of Tom Petty, Currin creates a track that is both carefree and structured. California is addictive, it’s one of a kind, there’s something about the place that gets under your skin from the moment you touch its atmosphere, and this song is another example of wonderful madness that engulfs all Cali visitors.

Check it out right here: