Introducing.. PUSHMETHOD

The members of PushMethod have a well-established sense of certainty when it comes to performing. Developed while sharing the stage with artists such as Fat Joe, Fabulous, and Rae Kwon, the band encompass a fusion of music that is like no other. With vocals that emanate styles of hip-hop and guitar riffs that echo the sounds of modern rock, we are taken to a place of reserve and wisdom throughout PushMethod’s music. The socio-political lyrics are what make the truth stand out when listening to their captivating songs, and it is with such powerful rhythms and words that we find ourselves nodding our heads in agreement. They have made a name for themselves through their powerful words by touching on issues that reflect human rights, love, peace, forgiveness and compassion. From JFK to Ghandi, PushMethod is promoting ideas that have been inspired by such moving people throughout the world, yet are so fruitful and full of undeniably raw energies. The core style of these artists is represented in “Scars and Stripes”—a song that blends both contemporary hip-hop/rock with rising, global issues.

“Scars and Stripes” is a song that speaks to the core of all that PushMethod believes in as a band. In the beginning, we are shown images of the inside of someone’s brain. We watch as the American flag sways throughout history, and we are taken to times where bloodshed, hate, and disruption ensue. However, the most riveting part of “Scars and Stripes” occurs when we witness what is happening to the world via technology; no one is aware of the brewing storm on the horizon as they are slaves to technology, and in this case their smart phones. As the video’s hero desperately tries to get people to “Occupy Their Minds“, the video culminates with the line “Aint there more to being human, than all this pettiness we seek?” as chaos ensues. 

Peep the “Scars & Stripes” video below: