Introducing rising pop duo, McBeth

One listen to rising pop act McBeth and it’s crystal clear that they’re destined for a long stay in the Top 40 Charts. Enormous vocal talent, huge hooks and stunning beauty, the Richmond, VA-based duo comprised of female vocalists, McAyla Beatley and Beth Martin, are on a mission to spread their ear-pleasing, positive music to the masses. But what really sets them apart is that both singers bring a unique, vocal style to the table, becoming one powerful unified sound that’s guaranteed to impress. As they say, opposites attract. In McBeth’s case, this sentiment is spot on. The duet fully embraces the ideals of two opposites living together in harmony and it shows. With opposing emotions encapsulated into one powerful singular voice, strength battles vulnerability, and confidence overcomes insecurity. HIP Video Promo is thrilled to bring you the new clip for their radio-ready single, “Geronimo.”