Introducing: Romantic Rebel

Romantic Rebel

Romantic Rebel is a kindred music project consisting of siblings that have made the success of their musical career into a venture during a short time span of a mere six months. Pavement Entertainment presents a band that is electrifying and downright on fire—a band that will literally rock your socks off.

Romantic Rebel started the year 2012 as a project between siblings KT and Alex that quickly turned into a full-time adventure. The Chicago based duo immediately began writing a catalog of originals that influenced their favorite artists Van Halen and Aerosmith. The band snagged former Smashing Pumpkins’ touring drummer, Matt Walker, and entered the studio to record a four-song demo at world renowned CRC Studios in Chicago.

After loads of promotion, the group immediately began to book shows. Front-woman KT started using social media tactics to get their music in the right hands, and lo and behold, Tim King, bassist for the heavy rock band Soil, knew there was something about the band that he could not resist. Being the director of A&R at Pavement Entertainment, King immediately added Romantic Rebel to the roster.

Front-woman KT shines in the upcoming clip as the rest of Romantic Rebel heats up the stage. “Dirty Love Song” is an energetic uproar that defines contemporary hard rock music. Set in a modern rock club, we watch as the band captivates their audience, and in some cases put them in their place when they start to get a little too sassy with KT. Keep your hands to yourselves, gentlemen, or else you will regret it! Romantic Rebel shows us who is boss in this clip and delivers hard rock and hard knocks! Click HERE  for the full bio on

Keep your eyes peeled for the music video for “Dirty Love Song” coming soon!

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