Introducing… The Dead Daisies (ft. Slash!)

The Dead Daisies

Do you remember why you fell in love with rock and roll? Well, The Dead Daisies do, and while they feel that it’s all about the songs, but it’s also mostly about having fun. Consisting of a number of rock and roll alumni musicians, this powerful musical collective is a band of brothers that pump out power driven tunes and anthems. HIP Video Promo is pleased to present the newest video clip “Lock ‘N’ Load.”

The single itself is known for not only being a true rock and roll anthem, but for also featuring the sultry guitar riffs of our favorite guitar hero, Slash. But what makes this video clip so interesting? Well, we, the viewers, get to choose our own ending. The interactive short film ends at a pivotal moment—which ending will you choose? Will the protagonist live, or die? After the choice is made, the viewer is witness to the adventurous story of a young modern-day teen and his gang of misfits reminiscent of the The Lost Boys, who ultimately finds himself surrounded by a tribe of native girls that will either let him live, or let him die. Click HERE for the full bio.