Introducing Valley Lodge

Valley Lodge

Combining influences such as rock, pop, and also pop rock, New York City’s Valley Lodge has managed to create one of pop-rock’s most exquisite albums in the form of their third full-length release Use Your Weapons. HIP Video Promo is pleased to introduce the video clip to their wildly energetic single, “Go!”

According to the band’s bio, this unstoppable album is what would happen if the members of Cheap Trick, T. Rex, Thin Lizzy, and Big Star were lost at sea on a pirate ship captained by Michael Jackson in his prime. Tracks include infectious pop hooks, “7-Eleven parking lot-worthy” grooves, and face-melting guitar solos at every turn. Valley Lodge is comprised of singer and lead guitar player Dave Hill, known for his work with HIP alumni Cobra Verde and the Walter Schreifels Band, drummer Rob Pfeiffer, ex-Sense Field, guitar player Phil Costello of Tragedy and Diamondsnake, and bass player Eddie Eyeball from 2 Skinnee J’s and Gordon Gano. Guitar player and founding member John Kimbrough, best known for his work with Tenacious D, provides additional rock heat and spiritual guidance via his Los Angeles bunker.

Directed by Tim Fornara, “Go!” is a wildly entertaining music video that will leave you wanting more. Rich with comedy and social stirs, the clip highlights the best qualities of this eccentric band. The video starts with a heated bike race between Hill and Costello and not long into the race their eyes are caught by a pair of beautiful Japanese women in traditional dress. They are soon in hot pursuit, because something about these ladies has to be theirs. We’re talking about their clothes! The way it plays out is incredible to watch, and the conclusion is pure gold. “Go!” is a song that captures the best of Valley Lodge and serves as a teaser to fans that do not know their forthcoming album Use Your Weapons. With a style that is incomparable to any mainstream band nowadays, “Go” is a necessity for any car drive. Click here for the full bio.