Inusa Dawuda makes big return with “Satisfaction”

Greetings programming friends, it’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew, once again proud to be working with Inusa Dawuda. We previously brought you his superb clip for “Walking on Sunshine,” a video that emanates the creativity and vigor of this artist. With his new single for “Satisfaction,” we are eager to present you with a song that embodies contemporary dance music that has a popular twist on the reggae genre. Inusa Dawuda is a global artist on the rise, and it is with his influential melodies and structural beats that we can take a breath of relief.

His unique blend of pop, reggae, and house music have become immensely popular throughout the world. Countries such as Italy, Germany, and Russia have seen what this artist can do, and it won’t take long for his beats to influence American culture. Dawuda’s talents revolve around many forms of songwriting, singing, and entertaining. Above all, he is arguably one of the most admired saxophonist of the club music scene who has shown how his diverse talents can sweep fans of music listening throughout the entirety of the world. He has been declared Russia’s and C.I.S. territory the most successful foreign artist, and he has performed at popular European venues such as Fabrique in Moscow, the Q-Club in Zurich, and the Paradise Club in Mykonos. Miami’s own Nikki Beach has held one of his performances, and he has been entertaining crowds across the nation with his album I Feel Beautiful. With his new hit single “Satisfaction,” we get a feel for whom this eclectic artist is, and it is truly breathtaking.

“Satisfaction” is a song that promotes the idea that nothing really impresses this artist. A genre such as dance and pop music contains a lot of unconventional artists, but with “Satisfaction” we gain a certain feel for what Dawuda is all about. Director Aldi Karaj creates a scene in which we watch performers fail as they try to impress the judges, one of which is Inusa Dawuda himself. Click here for the full bio!

Peep the “Satisfaction” video below: