It’s Blasfemea!

If you visit Blasfemea’s MySpace page, chances are you won’t understand much of the content on it since it’s all in Portuguese. But don’t worry, because the band sings in English on their track “Maria” from their latest album Galaxia Tropicalia. And good thing they do because how else would we be able to make out lines like “you’re like warm hot chocolate, warming me up inside” or “harmony as been spread by a chainsaw choir” all in one song. “Maria” has an indie, dance-y kind of vibe to it, and the video has plenty of colorful projections, scenery and face-time with the band. Be sure to feast your eyes on the “Maria” clip below and check back here for any updates we may have for Blasfemea!

BLSFM – Maria

Blasfemea | MySpace Music Videos