J Mascis “Is It Done” video!

If you haven’t religiously listened to Dinosaur Jr., you have definitely heard of them and seen J Mascis on numerous magazine covers, including one cover of SPIN which simply stated “J Mascis is God.” Mascis is responsible for writing the classic rock staples “Freak Scene,” “Feel The Pain,” and most recently “Over It” (a HIP Video Promo campaign!). J Mascis has inspired many artists across the globe, including Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene, who most recently got the chance to grill J about his inspirations in music as part of SPIN cover feature titled “Under The Influence,” where today’s successful musicians get to chat with the rock gods that inspired them. Having appeared on every music channel, every talk show, every major festival, and every music magazine, J Mascis’ fanbase transcends age and genre, and eagerly anticipates his every move.

In “Is It Done,” Mascis returns to the basics of songwriting, the acoustic guitar. Stripped and bare, the song showcases the most vulnerable side of usually loud songwriter. Mascis’s voice is almost falling apart with honesty and every line, a sight any true Dinosaur Jr. fan would not ever get a chance to witness in this way otherwise. The track also shows off some of Mascis’s acoustic guitar chops. While it may be easier to hide behind layers of distortion, Mascis controls his instrument in the most intimate of settings with equal charm.