Jessie And The Toy Boys Named MTV Buzzworthy’s “Most Criminally Overlooked Artist of 2011”

Jessie And The Toy Boys Named
Sure you and I both know that Jessie And The Toy Boys has one of the coolest sounds in pop music, but it’s good to know that the rest of nation is starting to catch up! MTV Buzzworthy recently ran a piece on Most Criminally Overlooked Artists of 2011 and named Jessie And The Toy Boys as one of them, saying

“Armed with a warbling bubblegum-coated voice and fierce, fresh ’80’s-gone-electro beats that would have Gwen Stefani gagging with delight, Jessie And The Toy Boys is by far one of the most exciting new under-the-radar pop acts on the scene. And we’re not the only one’s who noticed: She’s already had a whirlwind adventure after opening for Britney Spears on the “Femme Fatale” tour. While her dizzyingly delicious dance single “Push It,” featuring Yelawolf, made moderate waves on the charts, it never really lifted off the way it should have for the up-and-coming pop princess. But don’t worry: By this time next year, the sassy singer’s going to be headlining her own shows when she unleashes her full-length debut.”

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