Kyle Turley show shut down by the cops!

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August 4, 2010
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August 9, 2010

Kyle Turley show shut down by the cops!

Kyle Turley’s last performance was shut down by the police! What is the world coming too these days. Here’s Kyle’s statement about the issue:

If you haven’t already heard, Kyle Turley and his band were shut down for being too loud at last night’s show in Franklin, TN. We don’t know if anyone actually complained about the noise or the rowdy crowd since Franklin officials have made it clear that LIVE music is no longer welcome in their community.

Yes, the Turley crowd was out in full force, and yes, since they are made up of Metal and Country fans – it got wild. And yes, the music was loud – like it’s supposed to be. But that’s not why the cops showed up. The truth is that if Franklin, TN supported Country music and venues that host live shows, Kyle’s band, and even more traditional acts would be able to play for their fans. Well thanks, Franklin, for frowning on Country music …in the capitol of Country music. Who are the people making these rules anyway? Are they the same people who want to ban us all from saying “Merry Christmas” lest it offend someone?

Yes, a Kyle Turley show is intense. That’s what you get when intense musicians are on stage. Maybe that’s what the powers-that-be in Franklin are afraid of, but really, how would they know? Because no matter how loud a Turley show gets, it’s hard to hear it when your head’s up your ass.