Larissa Ness opens for Maroon 5, Tommy Lee, Bon Jovi.

Larissa Ness got the party started, lifting everyone’s spirits with a simple buoyant message: “Let It Go.” That song, the first single and newly released video from her latest indie album Break The Mold, was part of the Austin based pop-electronic artist’s powerhouse 30 minute set opening for pop superstars Maroon 5 and rock legend Tommy Lee, who showcased his latest work as an electronic DJ. Fronting an 11-piece ensemble that included a violinist, djembe player, conga and backup dancers that looked and grooved like The Pussycat Dolls, Ness complemented her vocals with two flute solos and a piano solo. By the end of her show, the crowd was singing along to “Let It Go” and cheering for more! Last month, she opened for Bon Jovi in Orlando and in a few weeks, she is opening for Bret Michaels. Before the Stanford-Oregon game, Ness also played a tailgate party, setting the stage for Vince Neil.

source: Yahoo

Check out “Let It Go”