Like a Storm: “Chemical Infatuation”

Like a Storm

All you need to know about Like a Storm is in the name.

Their music is restless, dark and ominous–the feeling you get right before a thunder storm starts.

They create hard-hitting, cold rock, and mix it up with colder electronics. On top of it all, the vocals switch between soaring melodies and screaming. This melding of dynamics keeps you interested–you’re never sure if the peak of the song will be a shivering melody or a spine-tingling yell.

According to guitarist and vocalist Matt in a report, the band aims to send listeners to another place: “I want the music to transport people away from their every day lives and into this world we’ve created. We feel lucky we got to make a really ambitious record for our first album.”

Learn more on MySpace, and watch “Chemical Infatuation,” below: