Listen: Jaha interview on ArtSees Diner Radio!

Jaha interview on ArtSees Diner Radio

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From ArtSees Diner host, Mary E. Laluna:
Jaha is an artist with a dream…
I am not quite sure what it is about this talented individual, but, she impressed me so much, I have to “Tell the World!” I feel it is my calling to share her dream, her work, and her desire to create a Children’s television show filled with the energy, love, and compassion that she exudes. “Tell The World” is a song that calls upon each individual. The dream that she shared with me during our recent interview is telling  of her heart and commitment to unite all people in love.  “If I have made one persons day, it’s been worth it. If someone is motivated to be the best they can be, I feel good about that.” Well Ms. Jaha, you have made my day!

Listen to the whole wonderful interview below!

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