Loney Dear speaks to his fans through the web

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April 20, 2009
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Loney Dear

On the “non-fiction” tab on Loney Dear’s Web site, you can find honest, heart-on-my-sleeve journal entries about music and life in general.

Some things about Loney Dear that you can find out through reading the entries: He compares music to having a belief in God, as “the important questions are similar. Can I believe in the infinite possibilities of music and would it really be wise to give all my soul to it?”

Another thing about Loney Dear is that before going to bed, he searches the internet for a not-so-good review of his work, and “I get what I ask for.” He said he knows that a lot of really good music in past history had not been well-received when it first emerged. That’s pretty interesting–and a valid point. Rock n’ roll itself was called the devil’s music when it first emerged on the scene, after all!