Magic Moment: Andy & Gary Jay of Land Shark Promotion

gary j

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Jay, the best radio promoter in the industry, 20 years ago this month. At the time I was a wannabe Rockstar, and Gary was working at the radio promotions company whose owner (Paul Yeskel R.I.P.) was convinced that my particular musical group was going to be “the next big thing”. It hardly mattered at the time that most of his radio promotion staff wasn’t convinced that my musical group was going to be the next big thing, because Gary’s enthusiasm, guidance and support will be something I’ll always cherish.

Gary is one of the hardest working men in show biz and is the person to call when you need top notch radio promo. Though it’s 20 years later and he’s the head honcho of Land Shark Promotion, “the big fish in the promotion ocean”, he still remains one of my favorite Garden State musical kindred spirits and good pal.