Magic Moment Monday: Andy hanging out with old friend, Matt Pinfield (Winter 2011 & Spring 1998)

Andy Gesner, the owner and head HIPster has been friends with Matt Pinfield for close to 30 years. As DJs together at WRSU-FM (Rutgers University) in the mid Eighties, the two forged a friendship that has lasted to this day. The first magic moment is from March of 2011 when these two industry veterans were hanging out together in Austin, TX at SXSW.

The second is from the late spring of 1998, when Andy published a magazine called New Brunswick Underground, that featured Matt on the cover of Issue 2. The cover story interview was all about Matt’s meteoric rise at MTV, hosting 120 Minutes and the years he spent in New Brunswick as a DJ and WHTG-FM as program director! Ahh the old days…