Modern Skirts post two new tunes

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August 19, 2008
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August 21, 2008
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Athens, Georgia, a southern music hotspot, has been home to bands reviving the jangling, 60’s pop vibe in the past few years (think Of Montreal, the Elephant 6 projects), and Modern Skirts is one of the more recent to revitalize that past from their own original angle–bringing back some of the essence of the catchy-and-gorgeous melodies of the Beach Boys.

Check out two new songs posted by the Modern Skirts on MySpace as they prepare to release their new album, All of Us In Our Own Night, come October: . The song “Radio Breaks” is a deliciously-addictive single that whips out an unexpectedly jazzy trumpet on you about halfway through. And the song “Soft Pedals” features trippy, dreamy lyrics and keyboard. I’m really excited to hear the rest of their new songs–but I guess I have to wait until the fall.

In the meantime, here’s the band’s video for “Pasadena,” a song off of their album Catalogue of Generous Men: