NYPost’s Pop Wrap can’t get enough of Human Life’s “In It Together” video

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May 11, 2010
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NYPost Pop
Human Life officially premiered their video for “In It Together” just six days ago. It’s been receiving tons of buzz from music blogs across the ‘net, but the one media outlet deemed completely obsessed is The New York Post‘s Pop Wrap blog. Writer Ryan Brockington opened up his critique of the clip like so: “Yanking everything I loved from my childhood and weaving it into one dance-infused music video, the newly formed LA-based super group Human Life have pretty much forced me to buy stock in them.” As if that wasn’t enough praise, Brockington breaks down notable scenes and even points out his favorite part of the song itself when “the iconic Super Mario Brothers shrinking sound — ‘bwah whaa whaa’ screams out numerous times in the chorus like Luigi is getting pummeled by King Koopa.”

Check out Brockington’s full write-up and the much-talked about vid below: